ECU Remapping Bridport Dorset

ECU Remapping Bridport Dorset

ECU Remapping Bridport DorsetOzmo Motorsport is a long established tuning company with over 19 years experience. For all of your motorsport performance needs, call today. ECU Remapping Bridport Dorset.

When a car engine is modified, it can be done in a variety of ways to raise power output. These can range from simply installing new parts and tuning them, such as intake manifolds or exhausts, to remapping the engine’s computer to send a signal that changes how the engine functions

ECU Remapping Bridport Dorset turning allows you to increase power output by changing how the computer in your car sends signals to its various systems like ignition timing, fuel injection, throttle response, etc.

What is an Engine Remap and How Does It Work?

An engine remap is a process of mechanically altering the engine with the goal of increasing performance. It is different from tuning the engine as it does not change any of the car’s electrical components.

ECU Remapping Bridport Dorset are sometimes referred to as “tuning” but it is important to remember that those two terms are not interchangeable. Remaps does not affect any electrical components on your car and should not be confused with tuning, which does alter some aspects of your car’s electrical system.

Remaps can vary in quality and cost depending on the type, size, and how much they cost per point increase in power output. The process typically takes between two and six hours to complete.

How We Use a Rolling Road for Tune-Up

The Rolling Road is a tool that allows mechanics to accurately and quickly measure the diameter of an object. It is a combination of a rotating platen, an optical encoder, and a linear encoder.

The Rolling Road typically has two dials: one for the rotational speed of the platen and another for measuring linear movement. With different speeds set on each dial, the mechanics calculate the size of their object with great accuracy.

This device has been used for many decades as it provides a convenient way to accurately measure diameters in both inches and millimeters without having to make any physical measurements.

What is a Rolling Road for a tune-up?

Rolling roads are used in automobile repair shops to mount, align, or remove tires from a car’s drivetrain.

Rolling roads are also found on farms and different industries. They are classified according to their size and complexity.

Types of Modern Engine Remaps and Their Advantages

With the modern ECU Remapping Bridport Dorset, it is possible to modify a car engine to improve its power and fuel efficiency performance.

The 3 types of remaps are:

  • ECU Remapping Bridport Dorset: This type of remapping changes the engine control module (ECM).  This module controls the throttle, spark timing, and other environmental factors.
  • Engine mapping: This type of remapping does not change any hardware in an engine. It instead changes how the car is running by changing factory settings. It might increase or decrease fuel consumption due to this change.
  • Complete overhaul: This type of overhaul changes all parts of an engine.  This is rom air filters to pistons.  This allows it to be more efficient at what it does and achieve more power. It’s also possible for complete overhauls.